Karen Belz
Updated September 15, 2017

Just because she’s got a steady job already, doesn’t mean that she’s forgetting the importance of a solid education. Ariel Winter is starting college, and she’s more than excited about it — even though she plans to give up a few experiences that the average college student has.

First thing’s first — Winter isn’t planning on giving up on acting. She just wants to gain knowledge in a completely different field, which we admire.

After all, even though she often seems a lot older, Winter is only 19 — thus, she’s only starting to see what opportunities are still ahead for her.

Back in 2016, Winter revealed what college she’d be attending — UCLA (turning down acceptances from both Harvard and Princeton…NBD). She decided to defer her experience for just a bit, but now things are back on track for her.

So what field is Winter interested in studying? It seems like her interests are in politics, social justice, and law. In fact, along with acting, she’d be interested in starting up charities for both abused children and adults, and for people struggling with mental illness. We think both are incredible causes.

If you’ve been following Winter closely, you may know that she’s had a pretty rough childhood, but she maintains that all of her experiences helped shape the person she is today.

We think that based on her life experience and her personal drive for success, Ariel has quite an incredible future ahead of her. We hope she enjoys her classes!