She's always been open about her mental health.

Nicole Pomarico
Jun 22, 2021 @ 2:08 pm
Ariel Winter
Credit: Amy Sussman, Getty Images

Ariel Winter isn't trying to hide her mental health journey-even if it's just peeking out from behind her in a selfie. On Monday, the former Modern Family star shared a photo that happened to involve her antidepressants, and fans are applauding her for how real she is.

Sharing a photo of herself smiling at the camera, Winter took the opportunity to point out the details in the background of the pic.

"Peep my mouth guard & anti depressants in these selfies I took before going to dinner and coming back to catch pokés @pokemongoapp, watch true crime shows and play @settlersofcatan alone with bots lollllll," she wrote.

It's hard to see what's on her night stand in the first place, but props to Winter for pointing it out. As it turns out, making note of those little details meant a lot to her followers, many of which happen to have similar set ups next to their beds.

"It's the antidepressants for me … Being neuro-typical is over rated," one fan commented, while another added, "Your transparency is amazing, rare and so very helpful to those of us who struggle with mental illness and self image. Thank you for being you!!!"

Winter, 23, has always been open about her mental health. In a 2020 interview with Teen Vogue, she spoke about how therapy has improved her life.

"I go to therapy every week and I've been doing it for eight years. It is fantastic. For me, therapy is so important. I never want to quit therapy. I feel like people are never 'cured' [with] therapy. It's not a 'cured' thing, because you're not going in sick. You're just going in."

"What's negative and wrong and embarrassing about bettering your life?" she said at the time. "Isn't that what everyone wants - to be better and feel healthier and be happier?"