After a recent interview in which she discussed her childhood and her plans for college, Modern Family actress Ariel Winter is responding to the negative feedback she received. Specifically one part of the interview, where she addressed — you guessed it — her wardrobe.

In the interview, Winter got candid about her rough childhood (for example, food was moderated and she wasn’t allowed to play with other girls) and mentioned how her clothes were sexualized at a young age — everything was cut low and skirts were extremely short.

Unfortunately, while many felt like it was refreshing for Winter to open up about her not-so-normal experience, other fans decided to lash out at Winter.

In a three-image slideshow, Winter addressed all of the complaints about the interview.

She has a point — while she’s still young, she’s a legal adult. Back then, she was too young to make decisions and was likely unaware of what image she was projecting.

We’re glad that she is standing up for herself. And she makes a good point — you should never make assumptions about someone’s intelligence or drive based on how they like to dress.