Kenya Foy
Updated August 02, 2016
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

While some of Ariana Grande’s fans would totally love it if the singer permanently ditched her signature ponytail, we can’t help but admire her commitment to wearing the style. Grande’s statement jackets have certainly captured our attention, but her ponytail remains her most faithful style staple. And by “commitment,” we do mean “no, she is so committed to this ~look~ that she will modify her accessories to accommodate it.”

The ponytail been with Grande through thick and thin, bangs and no bangs, and now, baseball caps — literally. Recently, a fan spotted Ari out and about, sporting a pink baseball cap over her ponytail. Nothing sounds out of the ordinary here, right?

Well, upon closer inspection, it appears that Grande cut a hole in her cap and pulled her hair through it because clearly, a secured ponytail takes precedence over everything.

OK, Ari. We have to keep it real: Your quick fix is giving us pause. Cutting a hole in a cap isn’t exactly on our list go-to solutions for when bad hair days threaten to ruin selfies and basically anything else in their paths (but maybe it should be?).

While we can certainly relate to handling uncooperative hair, we’re honestly starting to wonder if you’re harnessing some superpowers in that ponytail.