Trilby Beresford
September 09, 2016 10:28 am
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Whenever a guest sits down in a chair opposite Jimmy Fallon, we know it’s going to get crazy. Ariana Grande is the latest person to brave the high seas, engaging in a Best Friends Challenge with the host.

You know the type, where each participant is required to answer intimate questions about one another, spawning major embarrassment if they don’t know something they should! And without spoiling too much…there were some red faces here!

The challenge kicked off with Grande choosing, “If I could be any animal, which one would I be?” Fallon thought about it long and hard, before guessing “kitty cat.” Unfortunately, Grande revealed she’d be a seahorse.


Strike one for Fallon!

Questions then ensued about the grossest foods and secret crushes (#ADORABLE).

You know what, you should probably just watch this one for your yourselves. Just prepare to smile.

While it’s clear that neither star is particularly good at this game, they’ve clearly created a memory that they’ll cherish forever (as will we guys. As will we).

Either that, or he’ll be studying up on Grande and going for round two at some point in the near future. And we’d be more than okay with that. Because this duo is hilario.