Credit: Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz

Remember that time last summer when Ariana Grande came under fire for saying on camera that she “hates Americans” while in a donut shop, then proceeding to lick a donut on the shop’s counter? It’s one of those things that critics of Grande can’t seem to let go, despite a pretty effusive apology statement expressing her regret for the incident. Grande’s reputation has mostly been cleared from “donutgate” in the time since then, despite a few setbacks, like a prevailing rumor that Grande was taken out of consideration to perform at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in the aftermath of the incident.

Well, one MTV correspondent simply couldn’t help but bring up a donut joke when interviewing Grande at the pre-show to the 2016 Video Music Awards, and Grande handled it like the boss queen she is. During their interview, Charlamagne said, “Now, look, you can’t go around here licking no pastries tonight. OK?”

Ariana quickly jumped in, responding, “Oh, OK. I’ll keep it in mind.”

Then he asked about her rumored boyfriend Mac Miller, who joined her later on in the show. Charlamagne asked, “And you’re alone? Where the boo at?”

“Being supportive,” she said. Inexplicably, he laughed, and Grande gently reminded him: “It’s OK to be alone even when you have a boo!”

Preach, girl.