Rachel Sanoff
Updated December 26, 2018

If you were a feminine child in the early aughts, you might have longed for that Tiffany’s heart necklace and/or bracelet—the silver one with the clunky braided chain and a heart-shaped charm looped through it. And, if you were anything like me, you probably settled for a much cheaper knockoff courtesy of Claire’s, et. al. Leave it to Ariana Grandeno stranger to reviving a nostalgic accessory—to announce that we are, in fact, bringing back the Tiffany’s heart necklace.

On December 23rd, the “Imagine” singer shared an Instagram story from actress Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana’s former Victorious costar and current “Thank U, Next” music video costar (Gillies portrayed Cady Heron in the Mean Girls-inspired scenes). In Gillies’s photo, we see her and Grande side-by-side, the camera zoomed in on their necks, Tiffany’s heart necklaces front and center. The caption reads, simply, “We’re bringing [sic] them back,” with a heart necklace emoji thrown in for good measure.

Ariana Grande / www.instagram.com

And here’s a right-side-up shot, just in case you need a clearer reminder of what those accessories of yore looked like.

Elizabeth Gillies / www.instagram.com

Alright, team, pressure’s on to keep up with the luxe chunky jewelry trend once again. Thanks for the music and the tip, Ariana!