Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Sep 03, 2016 @ 12:48 pm
Credit: Instagram / @zoeisabellakravitz

Um, hold the phone. Beauty lovers prepare to basically have your makeup-loving hearts catch fire, because it seems that none other than Zoë Kravitz *may* be partnering with YSL for a new makeup collection. Yeah, it’s that good.

The beauty world basically lost it when Zoë Kravitz made this post:

“Vinyl Cream. ❤️💙💕💖💗❣ #vinylcream • get your color on ! @yslbeauty,” Kravitz posted to Instagram.

Omg, please tell us this isn’t a joke!

Credit: Fox / Giphy

Our hope comes from the fact that Zoë Kravitz was chosen to be a face of Yves Saint Laurent, so we’re really, really crossing our fingers, and you should for sure do the same! The style icon is sure to BRING IT with a line of absolutely beautiful products (high quality, as is the usual for YSL), and we’re going to be praying to the beauty gods until we see this up close and personal!