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We don't know about you, but if any of us were mistaken for an Olsen twin, we'd be thrilled. But if you're already famous in your own right, like Dakota Fanning is, then it might get a bit tiresome when you get recognized as the wrong celebrity all the time.

Fanning and the Olsens do share some similar characteristics: their long blonde hair, round eyes, and their similar noses. Fanning even attended the same high school as the Olsens. And she's friends with the Elizabeth Olsen, Mary Kate and Ashley's little sister.

But those similarities and connections do not make Dakota Fanning an Olsen twin, no matter how hard you squint your eyes. Sorry to anyone who thought otherwise!

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Fanning explained to James Corden, host of The Late Late Show, how she always looked up to the Olsen twins and their work, while growing up as a young actress herself. She told Corden that the Olsens have always stayed a part of her life due to a man who often confused her for one of the twins.

“It’s funny, they come into my life a lot because there’s a man that lives—well, I don’t know where he lives—but he stands on my corner in New York where my apartment is, and he always would say to me, ‘Hey, Olsen! Hey, Olsen!'” the actress told Corden.

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John Stamos, also a guest on Corden's show, asked if the man was his Full House formercostar Bob Saget. Fanning laughed and denied it was him, but said that she usually just ignored the man instead of making herself look crazy and freaking out at him for calling her an Olsen.

It’s true that Dakota and sister, Elle Fanning, could be mistaken as twins themselves. But, hello! That still doesn’t mean they are the Olsen twins.

Check out the interview with the stars below:

If it's any solace, Dakota: You're all attractive people being mistaken for other attractive people, so even though it's annoying, the confusion is still a compliment!