Briana Hansen
Updated Aug 11, 2016 @ 11:29 am
Anne Hathaway Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"
Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

News of the ridiculously stacked all-female cast of Ocean’s 8 already has us beyond excited. And, based on reactions from some of the confirmed cast members, we’re not the only ones who are stoked.

Anne Hathaway, a recently confirmed addition to this total dream cast, just posted an absolutely perfect classic sketch of Key & Peele‘s enthusiastic valet guys to her Instagram page to celebrate the big news.

These two characters (who love to enthusiastically debate movies) are legitimately losing their minds over the idea of Sandra Bullock (or “Bullocksies,” as they say) and Anne Hathaway being in a movie together.

Well, now we can all collectively lose our minds in excitement because that onscreen duo is actually happening very soon. And they’ll be joined by some other awesomely talented women.

As Hathaway adds in her caption, it’s not just going to be her and Bullock. She writes, “And Blanchett. And Kaling. And Rihanna, @Akwafina and my sweet sis HBC. Not too bad for a Wednesday.”

Basically, this cast is *stacked.*

She’s not the only one who’s chiming in on her excitement. Mindy Kaling recently tweeted about her own character goals in an Ocean’s-style crime. false

Just before this tweet, too, she posted a cryptic tweet that had us thinking maybe she’s giving hints about what the Ocean’s 8 plot will revolve around.

Sure, maybe she’s just celebrating that there will be a pizza truck around for The Mindy Project (which is currently filming its fifth season for Hulu). But ~maybe~ she’s hinting that this upcoming movie will be all about pulling off the biggest, most impressive pizza heist from a large moving vehicle the world has ever seen while also singing for adoring fans (Rihanna, after all, has been confirmed for the film)?

That’s at least one way to interpret her emojis.

No matter what the actual plot line (which we’ll have to wait for details of), there’s no doubt that this amazing ensemble will create an incredibly entertaining film.