Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

We look up to Anna Kendrick for so many reasons. Not only is she incredibly talented and hardworking, but she’s also one of the funniest stars in Hollywood.

And hearing Anna Kendrick admit all the struggles she went through to make her dreams come true makes us love her even more.

While promoting her new book, Scrappy Little Nobody, Anna opened up to Flare magazine. She talked about what it was like when she first got started in Hollywood. Despite major success with Up in the Air alongside superstar George Clooney, Anna was frustrated by her experience with the movie’s promotional tour.

Eventually, she decided to include the experience in order to show just how different reality can be from how we perceive it.

According to the chapter, despite the fact that the Up in the Air promotional tour had her staying in fancy hotels and wearing designer clothes, Anna was still struggling financially.

She lived with two roommates and had a tough time making ends meet, though the public saw a glamorous young starlet. She also had to be very careful about what she said while on the promotional tour. Every word would be analyzed and could greatly affect both the movie’s success and her future.

Eventually, of course, “the real” Anna would find a great deal of success with Pitch Perfect and a number of other huge hits. Hearing her speak so candidly about how far she’s come in her career and her confidence throughout this entire interview is seriously inspiring.

We love everything about Anna and her journey and are so glad she shared part of it with us.