Karen Belz
Updated October 24, 2017 3:02 pm

The autobiography we’ve all been waiting for is finally out in stores. Anna Faris released her book Unqualified, and it’s filled with so much great information on the actress and her impressive career. After news broke of her split with actor Chris Pratt, Faris has been in the spotlight more than ever. Since her book focuses a lot on relationship and life advice, many of us were wondering what she had to say.

Of the many topics covered in her book, Faris touched on plastic surgery and her very personal decision to get breast implants.

Faris first opened up about her decision to get surgery on RuPaul’s podcast “What’s The Tee.” She said the decision came after her appearance in the movie The House Bunny, which was right around the time she was turning 30.

She mentioned that she went from a “negative A cup” to a B.

Pratt was supportive of her decision to get breast implants, but mostly because he supported his wife’s decisions in general.

Plastic surgery is an extremely personal choice. We’re glad that Faris did what felt right for her, and that she was surrounded by loving, supportive people who respected her and her decisions about her body.