Alyssa Thorne
January 03, 2017 3:54 pm
Todd Williamson/Getty Images

If there were a cutest celeb baby competition, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s son would have it on lock. We occasionally see pictures of lil’ Jack Pratt (and the award for name most likely to be given to a fast-talking reporter in a black-and-white film goes to…) on his famous parents’ social media, but honestly we don’t see nearly enough. After all, Jack is four years old, so clearly Anna and Chris have had ample time to blast his squeezable face onto our feed.

Even if we’re sliiiightly bitter we don’t have a whole Insta just to show us Jack’s face, we’re pretty appreciative of the #tbt Anna Faris shared because OHMYGOD is he ever cute.

She’s obviously cheating because any picture of a chubby-cheeked baby in glasses is bound to make us smile. But add in his tiny spaced out exactly six teeth? THOSE CHEEKS? The slightly off-center baseball cap? Did we mention HIS CHEEKS? And we’re dying a little bit.

Her caption is a little less cute, but if you have kids, younger siblings, or just spent all of high school babysitting, you can def relate.

Given that his parents are like some of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, we imagine Jack Pratt is going to grow up to be extraordinarily handsome, so it follows that he’d be a cute kid but…wow, is he EVER a cute kid.