Lauren Saccone
Updated Nov 30, 2017 @ 2:26 pm

On November 29th, legendary actress Angela Lansbury clarified her opinions on sexual harassment. Lansbury previously made a controversial statement regarding the nature of sexual misconduct that seemed to imply victims sometimes invite harassment into their lives. In an interview with Radio Times, the award-winning actress said women had to accept some responsibility when sexually harassed — a statement that has since led to much backlash.

However, Lansbury is now saying her words were taken out of context.

And here is what she now has to say:

While we admit we live in an age when words are often taken out of context (and then go viral), we also hope that Lansbury realizes the power and impact words have, especially in the current political climate. Regardless of her intent, her initial phrasing did seem to imply a victim-blaming perspective, and that is never okay.

However, we’re glad she has attempted to clear things up and remind the world that victims are never to blame for the actions of their abusers.