Karen Belz
Updated Feb 16, 2017 @ 7:07 am
Credit: CBS

Movie ideas can often get a bit stale these days, which is why movie executives should consider reaching out to tweens — they’re old enough to have some solid ideas, but still young enough to keep their creativity in check. Stephen Colbert recruited Andrew Garfield and Idina Menzel to bring one of these ideas to fruition in a very cute segment for The Late Show that’ll make you giggle.

Colbert got the idea based on the movie Monster Trucks, which is being referred to as the “first big flop of 2017.” Part of the reason may be because the executive behind the film got the idea from his four-year-old son. And no offense, but that might be a bit too young to create a blockbuster. Add a few years to that, and we’d get it.

Of course, Colbert thinks he can do better. Watch “Kids Pitch” below, and see if these children have an award-winning idea.

Colbert started out by trying to break down what makes a good movie.

We think it’s pretty funny that the kids immediately create a meet-cute situation without realizing it. Their movie will star a boy and a girl (Garfield and Menzel) who are both named Bob. One likes to ice skate, and one likes to skateboard. They meet up in high school.

And of course, during the brainstorming session, the kids say adorable things.

Credit: CBS

The kids also think that babies are made by recipes. We think we might need to speak to their parents and get the full stories here.

Reagan is the child who mentions Idina Menzel. Stephen Colbert needs to sell them on Andrew Garfield, however — it seems like the group aren’t huge Spiderman fans.

And, all in all, that’s how Teenage War came to be.

Credit: CBS

Would we see it in theaters? Of course we would. It’s got everything we never knew we wanted in a movie.