Karen Belz
Updated July 28, 2017 11:29 am

It’s always great to get a behind-the-scenes look at celebrity parenting. While many actors open up about how their children inspire them, we got a chance to see Alec Baldwin reading to his two young children. And Baldwin, as expected, looks pretty tired. We’re almost positive that all new parents will be able to relate.

Baldwin has four children total, but his youngest three can still be considered new arrivals. Son Raphael is currently a 2-year-old, and daughter Carmen is three. Baby Leonardo, their second son, was born in 2016. Again, note that he looks pretty tired.

The actor decided to read the classic book Goodnight Moon, and it’s truly adorable.

One thing’s for sure — Baldwin’s signature voice is quite calming. In fact, we may just use this video during the next time we’re having trouble falling asleep. Many thanks to wife Hilaria for posting the moment for all to see.

We also have to give props to Baldwin for balancing both kids so flawlessly. He’s definitely a pro at this point, especially if the bedtime story has become a nightly ritual.

It’s a good thing that Hilaria is fond of posting such adorable “dad moments” on Instagram, because we simply can’t get enough.

Here are a few more of our favorites.

And then of course, this cute video which includes Leonardo, his loving dad, and the family dog.

Someone needs to get this guy a “Dad of the Year” trophy, pronto.