Johnni Macke
Updated Jul 09, 2016 @ 10:56 am
Credit: Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer knows how to keep making us laugh and we love her for it. Even her Instagram posts make her fans LOL and it’s awesome. This week she showed off her humor with hilarious photos straight from her family photo album — or so it appears.

The Trainwreck actress’s latest throwback moments on Instagram are definitely a blast from the past and show the New York native growing up — and poke a little fun at her family in the process. They might not have been meant to make everyone giggle, but just like the actress herself, they are totally funny.

On July 8th, the blonde starlet posted a pic of her with her sister Kim Caramele, and showed off their bedtime style, which obviously meant full-length nightgowns!

“We had the time of our life #swayzemanager #fievel #fbf,” she wrote on the picture, which featured a Dirty Dancing poster (which is why she referenced Patrick Swayze in her hashtag) in the background and a giant Fievel stuffed animal from An American Tale.

The writer/actress didn’t just give into #FBF this week, she also chose to share a retro pic on July 7th for #TBT. This one was a sweet throwback snap of her with her dad, Gordon Schumer.

“#tbt they hate us cause they ain’t us,” she simply wrote on the old snapshot.

Schumer is a very small baby in this picture and based on her straight-faced expression, she already had a LOT of character. Plus, her dad is sporting his tighty whities and they are sitting on a ridiculously patterned sofa, which is SO old school.

These aren’t Schumer’s first photo-album inspired Instagram shots however. In fact she had another epic #TBT moment right before the month of July officially hit. It was posted in honor of the Fourth of July and let’s be honest, it was perfect.

The Inside Amy Schumer star proved how much of an all-American girl she really is with a photo of herself dressed as Lady Liberty…with a paper torch to match!

“True patriot #tbt,” she captioned the image on June 30. She event wrote “Happy Birthday Miss Liberty” on her paper bag costume. Could she be any cuter?

Whether it’s the current comedic genius, or the adorable baby Amy Schumer from her scrapbook-style Insta shots, we just can’t get enough of this girl!

Which of the comedian’s photo-album shots is your favorite?