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Our favorite comedian and feminist, Amy Schumer, has never been afraid of being “real” about her body with her fans. She’s open and honest (and hilarious) about her body image, which is so refreshing. She also has a way of making every day adventures super entertaining, and Amy’s latest rock climbing Instagram video does not disappoint.

Captioning her Instagram post “127 Seconds,” Amy Schumer is making a loose (and darkly comedic) comparison to the James Franco movie. ICYMI, the movie was a retelling of the story of Aron Ralston, who fell between boulders when he was hiking alone in Utah. Trapped for five days, Ralston amputated his own arm to escape.

Now, clearly Amy Schumer’s own rock climbing story is a great deal shorter and much, much more amusing.

Amy was rock climbing in Denver, Colorado and clearly having a blast:

Earlier this week, Amy was one of many celebrity baseball fans who celebrated the Cubs’ amazing World Series win earlier this week. Pictured with her boyfriend, Ben Hanisch, Amy posted:

When she’s not making hilarious jokes or celebrating baseball, Amy Schumer is begging people to vote.

In a video posted on I Will Vote, Amy pled:

So she’s able to make us laugh and inspire us to be good citizens. She can literally do anything.