Anna Gragert
July 22, 2016 4:21 pm
Barcroft Media / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Thursday is one of our favorite days because it’s when celebs tend to post old photos in the name of #tbt. However, Amy Schumer went above and beyond yesterday by not posting a photo – because she instead chose to share a video from her distant past.

We’re talking about Amy’s old volleyball recruiting clip:

That’s right – Amy used to be a competitive volleyball player. “I play for South Side High School. I’m number 12,” Schumer announced in the clip. “It’s my fourth year on Varsity, it’s my second year as captain for South Side … I primarily play outside hitter, but I also play middle and right … Now, I want to show you what I’ve got.

Though Amy hit several volleyballs over the net like a champ, she sadly revealed in her Instagram caption that no one recruited her (we have a feeling they probably regret this right about now). Schumer explained, “My volleyball recruiting vid #tbt #gymnistheadmovethinkingimhilarious #notakers #paidfulltuition #studentloans.

Now that we know this about Amy Schumer, we’d like to see her in action. Maybe in a role that involves volleyball somehow? Or, on her hit Comedy Central show? (We’re crossing our fingers.)