Candace Ganger
September 16, 2016 10:37 am
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Comedian, actress, and all-around #boss, Amy Schumer, isn’t one to back away from difficult topics. While her comedy routines are often the set-up to poke fun at herself and/or sexual adventures, she’s also been extremely open about Hollywood’s double-standard regarding body image and weight. During a recent interview on U.K.’s The Jonathan Ross Show, she revealed her requested prep for the hit movie, Trainwreck, involved losing weight.

Bestselling author of The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo admitted to giving into the request, losing weight for the role, though she admits she hadn’t ever thought of herself as overweight and to be honest, neither have we.

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She goes on to say,

She also said, “I think the most painful, awful things wind up being funny but I’ve also learned the hard way that that’s not always true. I don’t shy away from anything just because it’s uncomfortable, I like being uncomfortable.”

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The girl certainly knows how to make us laugh while keeping it real. As for testing out new material before unleashing on an unsuspecting audience, she turns to sister, Kim Caramele, to get a feel for the joke’s reaction.

Comedy is so hard to get right so we’re happy she has someone to help her figure it out! We have to hand it to Amy. We’re so grateful she’s speaking out about the pressure to appear a certain way in Hollywood. We only hope, with honest discussions such as this, we’ll eventually shift the gears so real change can happen for generations to come. Way to go, Amy!