Amy Schumer
Credit: Instagram

We love that Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch are so loved-up, because they literally couldn’t be more adorable together. But also, we love that it means we’ve been getting posts/insights into Amy’s day-to-day on social media, because well, we’re kinda obsessed with her and not-so-secretly like to imagine that we’re her BFF. This weekend she played put-put golf, and the videos are making us melt.

Here’s Amy taking a swing. As always, she manages to make us smile (and remain super cool even when she totally and utterly misses).

And now it’s Ben’s turn. We love that he’s so goofy, and what’s more, we LOVE how Amy is still her total sarcastic self around him.

Awwww stop it you guys! No, don’t.

We’re glad that Schumer is taking time out of her busy schedule to actually have some fun (even though we’re clearly super jealous that we weren’t invited), because lord knows her hands are full with promotion for The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, her tour, movie with Goldie Hawn, and the movie she’s writing with Jennifer Lawrence! Phew.

Dear Amy and Ben, we’ll take more footage of you guys on the golf course anytime!