Picture of Amy Schumer Black Dress
Credit: Jeff Spicer / Getty

Most people imagine their wedding photos as a beautiful celebration of a couple’s love for each other. And most of the time, those pics don’t involve a celebrity cameo. But for one London couple, that’s exactly what happened when Amy Schumer photobombed their glam wedding photo shoot.

The comedian and actress, known for taking weird photos of her boyfriend, struck again. She happened upon couple Jasmin Pereira and Jon Bates during their photo shoot in London’s Mayfair neighborhood on Thursday, and the rest was history. And it proves how awesome she really is.

E! News reports that Schumer had been on her way to meet designer Stella McCartney when she spotted the couple and decided to do the ultimate photobomb.

Because why not? Here’s the pic in all its glory:

As a result, Schumer and the couple became friendly.

Schumer even offered the couple a ride in her car.

The bride told E! News all about the experience.

Schumer immediately one-upped herself, handing over her car keys completely.

This instance isn’t the first time Schumer has decided to make an appearance in random people’s lives. When she was jogging around Central Park in 2015, Schumer popped into a couple’s engagement photos. Also that year, she and Judd Apatow party crashed a wedding reception at a pub in Ireland. We suppose she just likes to mingle with us plebeians!

Maybe we can surreptitiously plan wedding photos around Amy Schumer’s filming schedule? Hey, we can dream.