Karen Belz
December 20, 2016 8:13 am
J. Kempin / Getty Images

There’s no place like home. And for comedian and actress Amy Schumer, home is a family farm where she spent many of her best childhood years. Years ago, her parents lost the farm to bankruptcy, which was probably difficult to endure — while the memories would be forever, it’s still an upsetting chain of events.

But of course, this story has a happy ending. Schumer just announced that the farm is back in the family, which is probably the greatest Christmas miracle of all time.

Schumer was so excited about the heartfelt purchase that she posted a nostalgic video of herself “running away” on the farm on Instagram.

Just try not to simultaneously laugh and cry, okay?

(Seriously, who knew that that little angry girl in a corn maze would turn into such an icon?)

Schumer also posted a screencap of her and her Dad. Based on the caption, we’re guessing that this might have been the moment when she told him that she bought the farm back.

Based on what she’s shared in the past, it seems like the Schumers originally lost the property after her father’s unfortunate diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. He’s currently living in assisted living, but remains very close to his daughter.

We can tell that out of all the purchases Schumer has made since making it big, this is probably the one that matters most. Being able to relive memories from childhood is just priceless — and obviously, it means so much to her father.

If all goes well, hopefully the Schumers will be spending many holidays together down at the family farm once again.