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Updated Apr 05, 2017 @ 2:26 pm
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We now love Amy Schumer and InStyle even more because, Schumer is InStyle’s first-ever beauty issue cover girl!

The Snatched actress has officially landed her first-ever InStyle cover. To make it even more exciting, Schumer is gracing the magazine’s first beauty issue.

Schumer and beauty definitely go hand-in-hand for us, so we are BIG fans of this choice. Plus, the actress looks stunning and totally sexy on the cover.

In addition to rocking a gorgeous white, one-piece Lauren Ralph Lauren suit, the 35-year-old actress did a hilarious and honest interview for the May issue.

Schumer chatted with friend Jessica Seinfeld for InStyle about beauty, deodorant, and unwinding.

So what is Amy’s ideal day of beauty? It’s all about the facials!

“It’s a new thing, but I like getting facials now at Georgia Louise, and she gives a good massage too,” Schumer told Seinfeld during her InStyle interview. “If we’re talking massages or whatever, I’ll do it all day — throw me into some sort of sketchy bathhouse.”

As for beauty products, Schumer keeps it to a minimum.

Watching Amy talk about beauty stuff in this BTS video is gold.

“I like the products that I like, but it’s bare-bones,” she said. “There are things people know about, like La Mer, that I had never heard of until recently. So I don’t know until someone tells me.”

Even though the actress doesn’t have a ton of go-to products, she does have a beauty regime…sort of.

“My regimen is I wake up, usually around 8:30, brush my teeth, and splash water on my face,” she explained. “Then I put Kiehl’s eye-something under my eyes, and I blot La Mer so it looks like sunblock. Then I put on deodorant if I remember, which today I did not.”

“I use Secret,” she continued while on the topic of deodorant. “I tried the natural ones, but my body was just like, ‘Stop all that. Just die early and don’t smell like a foot.'”

And then she puts a pause on the jokes and slays us with these gorgeous shots.

Check out the rest of the New York native’s InStyle interview here for more laughs, drinking stories and movie news.