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Amy Schumer and her boyfriend Ben Hanisch were definitely sights to see in London this Tuesday, as both of them stepped out together for the GQ‘s Men of the Year celebration held at the Tate Modern. The two have been dating for nine months, but this is actually the first time they’ve walked the red carpet together — and they looked stunning.

Schumer was at the event to pick up a pretty incredible award — the Woman of the Year Award.

So, there’s no better time for Hanisch to show support and be proud of his lady. News of their relationship came out in January, and as expected, Schumer had a sense of humor about it.

Meanwhile, Hanisch definitely isn’t afraid to show his Schumer love all over his Instagram account.

“6 months with this babe and I couldn’t be any happier,” Hanisch notes. Ah, love.

Let’s discuss something else that was wonderful about Schumer’s GQ event arrival — her dress. Dressed in all black, her one-shoulder neckline dress was mega classy. Even better, Hanisch made sure his black suit and tie coordinated well with her look.

These two should probably attend more red carpet events together. They’d definitely make a few “best dressed” lists, for sure.