The time has finally come — Snatched will be released in theaters this weekend. To celebrate, on-screen mother-daughter pair Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn answered questions about themselves for a new WIRED video. We’ve seen the formula before, but we love it every time no matter what.

Here’s how it goes — Schumer and Hawn typed up their names in Google, and answered the questions that pop up first. These are the autocomplete answers, which means that they’re pretty much what Google guesses the user will type in next. Often times, the results are pretty hilarious.

This is definitely one of those times.

Schumer definitely goes all-in, wondering if “app” stands for “appetizer” or “phone app.” We’re hoping “potato skins” is her answer for both.

Schumer also got to finally clarify that no, she’s not dating Amber Rose. Even though they did kiss once.

And as she stated, it was pretty fantastic.

Hawn, on the other hand, started out by getting a lot of questions about her career and her life. And, uh — her hair. (We personally can’t believe that someone had to look that one up.

We thought it was common knowledge that Goldie Hawn was a beautiful blonde.

But according to Schumer, her hair smells great.

Speaking of —if you were wondering what Hawn smells like in general, it’s jasmine. Perfume, it turns out, is her passion.

The two finished up by talking about blonde myths. We’ll never find out if blondes can be emo, unfortunately. (We’re guessing the answer is yes.)

We’ll be sad when Hawn and Schumer stop their media tour — it’s obvious these two have major chemistry.