Toria Sheffield
January 09, 2017 8:27 am
George Pimentel/Getty Images

It’s no secret that we love the Golden Globes basically more than any other award show— because it’s essentially one long weird dinner party with some of the most famous celebs on the planet — and we get to watch! It also means that the opportunity for priceless moments caught on camera are virtually limitless.

Case in point, when Amy Adams photobombed Amy Schumer and the Stranger Things kids.

Yes, only at a place like the Golden Globes could someone photobomb your once-in-a-lifetime chance of taking a picture with your favorite TV cast — only to have that person be world famous actress Amy Adams. And the thing that makes it so perfect is just how normal this looks — like, we’ve all been that person Amy Adams, and we feel you.

See? There Amy Adams is, face totally cut out of the picture and everyone else kind of unaware she’s even there. But of course, this really only enhanced the awesomeness of this photo op, so we’re pretty sure that Amy Schumer of all people was okay with it/totally appreciates the humor of the situation.

Plus, Adams was at the Golden Globes for her Best Actress nomination in the epic film Arrival, so she probably had bigger things on her mind.

If you didn’t see it, Arrival is the story of a translator (Adams) tasked to translate an alien language because, well, aliens have landed on earth. And while this might sound like the set up for a horror or action flick, it’s really the foundation for some of life’s most beautiful lessons and a reflection on the human experience. So, um, we definitely recommend it.

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So, thanks Amy Adams, for you amazing contribution to cinema this year, and your amazing contribution to the art of photobombing. Because we love both.