Natalia Lusinski
October 21, 2017 9:15 am
Tiziana Fabi / Getty Images

We probably all remember our first selfie. It may not have been pretty, so to speak — we may have been looking the wrong way, holding the camera at a bad angle, or have accidentally blinked. Some people get luckier than others, though, like Amy Adams. Adams just took her first-ever Instagram selfie, and it’s absolutely flawless.

But you may be wondering how this is possible since Adams doesn’t have an Instagram account. Thankfully, celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire Hung Vanngo — the man who perfected Selena Gomez’s cat eye — posted the pic to his own Instagram account earlier this week. And in true Vanngo fashion, Adams looked ahhhh-mazing.

Here’s the gorgeous selfie in all of its glory.

Right?! Nothing short of #FirstSelfiesACharm. Adams looks amazing, and the pic perfectly shows off Vanngo’s subtle-yet-stunning work — the rose gold eyeshadow, the black liner, the sheer blush. Plus, there’s the peachy-nude hued glossy lip color to match.

We all know, however, that makeup is just one component of Adams’ perfect selfie. Her pose is just as important. Us Weekly reminded us that Kendall Jenner uses a similar pose — turning her head to the right and tilting her chin down. Voilà: selfie perfection.

Vanngo is a true master of his craft. He creates gorgeous looks for many of our favorite leading ladies.

From Selena Gomez…

…to Kate Bosworth.

Katy Perry too!

We love Vanngo’s makeup philosophy.

We could not agree more, and it’s evident in his work, as you can see above. Hopefully, Adams’ first selfie has encouraged her to take even more — and perhaps even start her own Instagram account!