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There is absolutely nothing more thrilling than finding the perfect dress, and then discovering that the dress has POCKETS. Sure, when you’re hitting the town, you’re more than likely carrying a purse or a clutch with you, to hold all your ~things~, whether it be a cellphone, makeup, mints, snacks, whatever. But there’s just something about knowing that there’s a spacious pocket sewn into your to-die-for dress that makes the night so much more magical.

Knowing how we feel about pockets, this just makes us want the amazing blue dress Amy Adams is rocking even more. The dress doesn’t even look like it has pockets — but there’s no denying that she’s got her hands tucked into the fold here. Pockets just make everything better.

Credit: Franco Origlia/Getty Images, HelloGiggles
Credit: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images, HelloGiggles

Even though the dress is a beautiful deep shade of blue, it’s on 🔥. Adams was spotted wearing this on the red carpet at the 73rd Annual Venice Film Festival, where her new movie, Arrival, is screening. Even though she was joined by her very handsome co-star, Jeremy Renner, all focus is definitely on Adams…and that pocket.

Credit: Venturelli/Getty Images, HelloGiggles

Regardless of this pocket, Adams is killing the red carpet game right now. This dress is ~so fancy~ but also so perfect, too. You could wear this to just about any event, film festival or not.

Credit: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

And with that pocket, we’d honestly wear this dress every day of our life.