america ferrera
Credit: David Livingston / Getty

We have so, so much love for America Ferrera. She’s seriously so inspirational. She’s the friend we wish we had, the outspoken lady we hope to be, and our continual fashion inspo. And she just became our Halloween inspo with her latest look on Superstore, Ferrera’s sitcom: a cloud costume. But why a cloud costume? ICYMI, on Superstore, she plays Amy Dubanowski, who works at Cloud 9. Thus, this AH-MAZING cloud costume. Oh, and if you don’t watch it yet, the show is Blake Lively-approved. So what are you waiting for?! Between this costume and the general hilarity of the show, its one of our faves for sure.

Like, how amazing is she, you guys?!

TBH, we’re still giggling, and we don’t think these giggles are gonna quit any time soon.

She captioned the photo,

And, of course, the full look, shared by Superstore co-star Ben Feldman.


Feldman captioned the photo,

Because what are co-workers for if not sharing embarrassing photos of you for all to see?! But, seriously, guys, are you not considering a cloud costume now? TBH, we’d give it a try, if only for our love of America Ferrera! She really is just the best.