Caitlin Gallagher
Updated Feb 21, 2017 @ 5:18 pm

When you see a celebrity, you often question whether or not you should approach the famous person. So, when a restaurant employee recognized America Ferrera, she decided to communicate via note. Instead of saying something in person, she left a note in Ferrera’s takeout for the actress to read. And its message shows what an impact Ferrera has had on people since Donald Trump was elected president.

On February 20th, Ferrera posted a photo on Instagram of her avocado toast from The Hive Santa Monica. And while her food looks super tasty, the reason she shared this image was because of the note that accompanied her food order. The woman working the cash register at The Hive wrote that she didn’t want to draw attention to the famous actress. So, instead she wrote a note that said:

The note is referring to Ferrera’s participation in the Women’s March on Washington that occurred the day after Trump was inaugurated. As the chair of the Artists Table for the march, Ferrera gave a fantastic speech that spoke to so many people, including the employee at The Hive since she is also the daughter of immigrants, just like Ferrera.

In her speech, Ferrera said:

Yet, Ferrera’s main message was inspirational and focused on the importance of uniting to support justice for all. It was an incredibly powerful way to rally people before the march.

| Credit: Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage

Ferrera has been such a positive influence in the world since forever, but she showed that she is also affected by the people around her since she wrote on her Instagram post of the note:

As Ferrera’s takeout message proved, a little note can make a big impact — and bring people closer together. Who knew takeout could be so moving??