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When we learned that America Ferrera was training for a triathlon, we were *so* impressed! Like, talk about drive and dedication. Any workout is a struggle, but a triathlon? We wish. But now that we know what’s the motivation behind her triathlon journey, we’re even more in love with Ferrera, because it’s serious #SquadGoals.

For America Ferrera, it all comes down to one friend.

If you’ve ever doubted the power of friendship, here’s your proof. She’s been working for ages to prepare for this triathlon, and it’s serious work. Knowing that it’s for a friend just makes our hearts so warm and fuzzy.

And boy has she been working her butt off!

Um, hey, #RelationshipGoals! Maybe we should give this a shot…

Now THAT is dedication. You go, girl!

We feel this 100%. Workouts are exhausting AF!