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Have you been following Teen Mom recently? Well, you should. This past Monday’s episode showed Amber Portwood get pretty real about her struggles with mental health, and it showed that even though she’s come so, so far since earlier seasons of the show, she’s still — like many of us— trying to figure everything out, and attempting to get through every day. During the episode, Portwood — who has openly struggled with addiction — mentioned that she was diagnosed as being bipolar, suffers through borderline personality disorder, and also deals with depression.


After the episode aired, Portwood sat down with Mark Shraybe from Cosmopolitan, and talked about her mental health a bit more.

On her relationship with Dr. Drew…

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Dr. Drew has hosted the Teen Mom reunion for years, so he’s formed relationships with the girls since their MTV journey started. Just recently, Portwood’s castmate Catelynn Baltierra gave Dr. Drew a call about her own issues, and he provided some much needed counseling.

On being diagnosed as bipolar, and having that come out on the show…

She even mentioned why fans of the show didn’t know about this particular diagnosis until Monday.

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On how she deals with depression spells…

After the birth of her daughter Leah, Portwood was prescribed Klonopin to help her handle her anxiety. She credits the drug for being the gateway to much worse, noting that eventually she was high for 24-hour periods at a time. So while Portwood is still getting her anxiety and depression under control with medication, she makes sure that it’s nothing that she could get addicted to.

It’s amazing that Portwood decided to speak out on the issue, as many of us suffer with mental illness in complete silence. We wish her the absolute best with her continued recovery!