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By now, pretty much everyone is 100 types of in love with the one and only Amandla Stenberg. From being a force against cultural appropriation to offering important representation for young, queer girls of color, Amandla has done so much in her less than two decades. And Amandla Stenberg just celebrated her birthday! That’s right: Amandla Stenberg is now 18, and we’re so wowed by how she much she’s accomplished both in the world of style and of, well, being a better person. We couldn’t love her more!

In honor of her birthday, the revolutionary Amandla Stenberg took to Instagram to share a beautiful ode to her loved ones. She wrote,

How precious is she?! Ugh, we ADORE her. She continued,

But Amandla is filled with gratitude and appreciation all the same.

With 100k likes and over a thousand happy birthday wishes, we can definitely imagine that Amandla was feeling the love. And she deserves it!

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We seriously admire her so much, and can’t wait to see what she does with her 18th year!