Credit: @amandlastenberg

So, Amandla Stenberg just shaved their head and we’re cheering because of the incredible reason behind it. We’ve been madly in love with Amandla for ages, as we were so inspired by their coming out via Snapchat and their stunning artistic abilities. Now, we have an entirely new reason to obsess over this influential activist, and we think you’re gonna dig it, too.

As seen on Instagram, Amandla Stenberg just shaved their head, and it looks absolutely amazing.

Why did Amandla cut their hair?

We’ve always adored Amandla’s hair, from their epic bed head look

…to their everyday, natural curls

…to their precious pony tail.

But we’re so happy they found a new look that they really feel connected to, and that it stems from such a powerful and important project.

Along with the new ‘do, Amandla left us with a loving note for 2017, writing,

We’ll take all the good vibes we can get. Thanks for the love, Amandla! We’re sending love right back at you.