Sometimes, celebrities are pretty forthcoming with news of their little ones. Other celebrities like Amanda Seyfried want to keep their kids private, and out of the public eye. While there’s no “right” way to do it — after all, it’s up to the family to decide — we do applaud them.

Seyfried definitely can’t hide the fact that she’s absolutely loving motherhood. The actress, who had a baby girl with actor husband Thomas Sadoski this past March, has been thinking about kids for quite some time.

So now that the moment is here, Seyfried has been very selective over the news that gets shared.

While we know the couple had a baby girl, they’ve yet to announce the name — and we have yet to see a picture cross social media.

While part of us really wants her to spill the beans (since we’re nosy, and babies are great) we also truly respect her take on this.

Seyfried herself is a relatively quiet person, so it makes sense that she wants her daughter to have as normal of a life outside of the spotlight as possible.

And it’s bound to be a great life, since Seyfried seems to be having an amazing time right now. In fact, she told E! News that she “couldn’t be more in awe of” her life.

We can definitely see why.