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Updated Oct 07, 2017 @ 12:43 pm
Suburbicon Premiere - 74th Venice Film Festival
Credit: Elisabetta A. Villa/WireImage

Not only does this international human rights lawyer appear to have an amazing life, but she also looks amazing in everything she wears. October 5th was no exception. That’s when Amal Clooney stepped out wearing a slinky gold dress that reminded us of the ensembles we wore to school dances in the ’90s, and we haven’t stopped swooning since.

We got the scoop from Vogue: Clooney wore the flattering frock to the William-Vintage and Farfetch party in Los Angeles this week. So yes, this proves once again that she is a real-life Wonder Woman, not only in what she wears, but also in her work — nbd, right?! And oh yeah, she happens to be married to one of hottest, most talented men ever, George Clooney. Swoon

Without further ado, here’s the gold Versace dress that she wore to the event. You may want to get out your dancing shoes, because it ~will~ inspire you to find a ‘90s-themed dance party to go to, and STAT.

Credit: John Sciulli / Getty Images for Farfetch

Um, didn’t she just give birth a few months ago?! To twins?

Here’s a closer look at the dress, because we clearly cannot get enough of it!

Credit: John Sciulli / Getty Images for Farfetch

And not only do we LOVE the dress, but also the accessories — Clooney’s sandals and clutch.

Remember loving dresses just like this one back in the day?

Sigh. Us, too.

ICYMI, as Vogue pointed out, Clooney has worn Studio 54-era dresses in the past. For instance, you may remember the dazzling, custom-made Maison Margiela one by John Galliano that she wore to her husband’s Tomorrowland premiere in Tokyo back in May 2015.

Credit: Atsushi Tomura / Getty Images

In case you’re curious, why yes, that’s a yellow-gold silk dress. Suffice to say, Clooney continues to give us #stylegoals, #glamgoals, and #fashiongoals… well, ~all~ the goals.