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For some reason, there appears to be a sudden epidemic of female celebrities getting aggressively accosted by strangers – several noteworthy incidents have already occurred just this week.

First, we heard (and saw) the horrifying tale of Gigi Hadid getting literally picked up in the middle of the street by a man notorious for his invasive, physical attacks on celebrities. Then, that very same man accosted Kim Kardashian while she was out and about in Paris.

In those two cases, the attacks were perpetrated by a serial assaulter, who appears to just have a yen for “pranking” famous people. But sometimes, even well-meaning fans can get caught up in the excitement of spotting their fave celebs and wind up accidentally terrifying their idol.

In the latest example of this horrifying trend, Ally Brooke Hernandez had a seriously scary experience when an overzealous fan lunged and grabbed her in a Mexican airport.


As earlier reported by E! News, Ally Brooke – who makes up one-fifth of the mega-popular girl group Fifth Harmony – arrived in Monterrey prior to her group’s tour stop there today. Given that Fifth Harmony is an enormously popular international sensation – and that Hernandez herself is a beloved Latina icon – it’s not surprising that a tremendous (and aggressive!) tidal wave of fans met her at the airport when she landed.

One fan got a little bit overexcited, though, reaching out and grabbing the singer (apparently to take a selfie) in the kerfuffle. In a video shared to Twitter, you can see the singer being grabbed by the yellow shirt-wearing fan, before her on-it security team quickly moved the grabby fan away from the singer, who also got shoved quite violently and almost fell to the ground in the fracas.

It seems pretty clear that the fan did not intend to hurt Ally Brooke, but it’s still scary! Thankfully, the singer took to social media to let her fans know that she’s doing a-OK after the aggressive encounter.

Hernandez went on to assure her Monterrey fans that she was still totally psyched to be performing in their city.

“Monterrey, I couldn’t be happier to be here! It’s been a dream of mine since I was little,” Hernandez wrote. “My favorite singer Selena Quintanilla had many beautiful performances here. And now I get to perform in this city! I am beyond honored & proud.” The singer signed her letter, “te amo.”

We’re so glad that Ally Brooke is okay after her scary encounter! We really hope her fans keep in mind that, as much as they love her, Ally Brooke is just a person and shouldn’t be man-handled like an inanimate object.