Credit: Getty Images/Todd Williamson

Alicia Silverstone has been our complete and total girl crush ever since 1995 when she managed to make a wealthy, Beverly Hills high schooler seem both accessible and enviable in her signature role as Cher Horowitz in Clueless. Of course, Silverstone herself has long traded pleated skirts and knee socks for a beautiful family life and lifestyle site called The Kind Life, which encourages “healthy, green, eco friendly living.” It may have been 21 years since she taught us how not to be a full-on Monet, but she’s still always on our radar as one of the loveliest ladies in Hollywood.

Silverstone seems to be enjoying her summer to the fullest, posting sweet snaps with her husband, Christopher Jarecki, their son, Bear Blu, and their friends, but it’s this makeup-free selfie that we’re totally obsessed with at the moment. Silverstone is currently on vacation in Palm Cove, a beach community in Far North Queensland, Australia (jealous yet?) and they’ve enjoyed paddleboarding, kayaking, and beachside picnics — all the while looking effortlessly gorgeous, as you do. Check out the radiant selfie she posted while hanging at the beach:

Just to make you a bit more jealous, here are a few other incredible photos from their vacation.

Best summer ever? We think so!