Trilby Beresford
January 31, 2017 11:18 am

There are numerous clichés that still exist in the world, and one that’s particularly pesky is the idea that women are constantly competing against one another and are “catty” as a result.

But Alicia Keys wants us to rise up; she doesn’t buy the old “women are catty” cliché at all.

And better yet, she’s figured out how to combat it. In an interview with Glamour, Keys opened up about her views on this perceived behavior. “There is this fallacy about how women are catty, that we’re all in competition with each other,” she said. “I’d say: As opposed to getting swept up in jealousy, use that pang to give you an indication of what you are looking for.” 

Basically, if you ever feel a pang of jealousy, don’t take it out on someone else. Instead, look inward to really assess why you’re feeling that way, and let it help you figure out what you want out of life. Alicia, you’re the best.

She went on to talk about how she thinks women should compliment each other more, and emphasized the positive influence that YouTube performer Lilly Singh has had on her.

via giphyWe love how Keys is starting this particular conversation, because it’s so necessary.  In can be all too easy to feel like we’re in a stressful race with no end in sight, so instead of making it worse for each other, let’s spread the positive vibes and try to uplift one another. Because that way everyone wins.

Thanks so much for this important reminder, Alicia. We love you lady!

H/T: People