Christina Pellegrini
Updated September 03, 2017 8:59 am

Today in celebrity clapbacks: A girl just got a taste of what the Ironborn are all about when she tried to land a Game of Thrones joke about Alfie Allen on Instagram.

Now that Season 7 is over, fans are grasping at anything that might help us through our withdrawal period. So, naturally, when one fan saw GOT actor Alfie Allen in a London department store, she wanted to snap a selfie with him.

(For those who don’t know, Allen plays the newly vindicated character Theon Greyjoy on the HBO fantasy series. And, uh, his character was unfortunately castrated by one of the villains on the show. Just so you’re caught up.)

The fan, Olivia Bowes, posted the photo on her Instagram, with the comment, “Unlike Theon I grew some balls and asked for a photo.” To add insult to injury, she followed it up with eggplant and cherry emojis. Yikes.

But Alfie Allen knew just how to stand up for Theon.

And his response stayed completely in line with his quick-witted character. He commented on Bowes’s photo with a tidbit of information that she left out. Apparently, she didn’t ask Allen for a photo.

In reaction, the entire internet practically screamed in unison, because OMG. This might be the greatest Instagram clapback of all time. Especially given the fact that Theon finally did “grow a pair” (theoretically speaking) in the last episode. false

We might have to wait two whole years for the last season to air, but honestly, this interaction might hold us over until then.

Keep up the good work, Theon!