Olivia Harvey
November 03, 2017 10:18 am

As several powerful men in Hollywood are dealing with or denying their alleged sexual misconduct, Alec Baldwin has come forward and admitted to “bullying women” and treating them “in a very sexist way” in the past.

The Paley Center for Media honored the actor on Thursday for his impressive career and his work with the Center’s education initiative. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Baldwin didn’t shy from talking about the current climate in Hollywood and how he’d like to see the industry change in response to the recent allegations.

Baldwin said he had heard bits and pieces of sexual assault and harassment stories within his industry throughout the years, but he had no idea how pervasive the problem really was. Now, more aware, Baldwin said he wants to see that all industry workplaces become comfortable spaces for women and calls upon everyone to stay vigilant.

We’re heartened to see Baldwin taking responsibility for his actions. He’s at least acknowledging his role in the industry’s systemic sexism, which is a vital step in the fight for change.

We hope other men — across all industries — are taking note.