Credit: Frazer Harrison/ AMA2015/ Getty Images

Breastfeeding is definitely a personal choice — but, in recent years, it’s gotten a bit of negative press, since many find the act to be a bit uncomfortable. Not letting that get in her way, Alanis Morissette openly promoted both breastfeeding and voting in her most recent Instagram photo. Morissette gave birth to baby Onyx not too long ago, and as it turns out, she’s chosen breastfeeding over formula.

She’s also chosen to vote by mail this year, since — again — she has a newborn. Sometimes motherhood makes everyday tasks difficult, but it’s good to know that Morissette was on top of such an important responsibility.

America is definitely important to Morissette, and not just because she’s had so many #1 hits here in the ’90s. She gained her citizenship back in 2005, while keeping her Canadian citizenship intact as well. So, it’s good to know that she considers America to be home.

As for breastfeeding, this isn’t the first photo Morissette has shared of her nourishing baby Onyx. During World Breastfeeding Week, which fell between August 1st and 7th, she posted another image. Based on the backlash she received from some, it’s good that she stood by her guns and publishes photos she continues to feel good about. We think it’s pretty beautiful, really!

Back then, Onyx was just teeny tiny. She was born this year on June 23rd, with the full name of Onyx Solace Morissette-Treadway. And boy, is she adorable.

Whether you choose to breastfeed or not when the time comes is completely up to you. But, voting is another story. Let Morissette’s photo inspire you to get out to the polls on November 8th and help elect the next President!