Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

We’re still coming to terms with his death, so it’s even more upsetting to learn that Alan Thicke was planning for a baby before his untimely passing. In an interview with his widow, Tanya Callau, she revealed the plans to welcome a new addition. In fact, they were about to start building a nursery when Thicke passed.

Thicke, who was 69, passed away in December of last year. The cause of death was listed as a ruptured aorta, which according to Callau, was hereditary. Thicke was unaware that his family had a history of heart problems like this.

It was also missed during Thicke’s last physical, which took place to help prepare for the baby.

The nursery was set to be built between the bedroom and Thicke’s office, according to Callau. It was designed roughly two weeks before Thicke was hospitalized.

Before his death, the couple met up with Tyler Henry for a yet-to-be-aired episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. During the reading, Henry didn’t see the baby, but did keep emphasizing a heart, which is a little too spooky.

The episode is set to air on May 31st, and while it’ll definitely be sad to watch, it’ll be a wonderful way to remember Alan Thicke.