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It wasn’t love in an elevator, but admiration after a plane ride. As it turns out, rock band Aerosmith accidentally met up with President Barack Obama right after a flight. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry just finished up a flight on their jet when they realized they were at the very same Florida airport as Air Force One.

While Tyler and Perry were notably jazzed about getting to shake hands with the President, band member Joey Kramer wanted to make sure that everyone knew this wasn’t necessarily a representation of the band itself, as far as politics go. (Hopefully he wasn’t jealous of the incredible meetup!)

Perry and Tyler got a tour of Air Force One, and Perry shared a fab photo on his Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Tyler took his pics to Twitter.

(It seems like it’s the official name of their fan club, but. Please, please, please let the name of their jet truly be “Aero Force One” … please!)

It seems like Obama was the one to actually offer up the tour.

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Perry thought the experience was nothing short of incredible.

Unfortunately, there was no word on what Obama’s ultimate favorite Aerosmith song is — in our minds, Barack definitely brought it up during the Air Force One tour. Sigh. Guess we can always speculate.