Kenya Foy
Updated March 07, 2017

It appears that all creatures big, ahem, bug and small want to see an Adele performance just as much as her human fans, because they simply cannot seem to stop themselves from rushing the stage during her shows. As People reports, Adele had a mosquito run-in during a concert in Brisbane, Australia, which immediately sent her into a huge freakout.

Since Australia’s record-breaking summer just came to an end in February, it would’ve been nice if someone told Adele in advance to wear one of those perfumes that help ward off mosquitoes. She might’ve avoided an encounter with the itch-inducing insects, which temporarily sidelined her show.

While chatting it up with the audience, the “When We Were Young” singer suddenly let out a scream and began swatting the air around her and running around the stage in her long, purple performance gown, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m not Australian. I don’t like bugs!” false

“They’re everywhere!” she continued. “They’re all trying to kill me.”

LOL. Trust that we’re laughing with you Adele — we totally feel your pain. Mosquitoes are the most pesky insects ever, and honestly a huge reason we’re not looking forward to summer around these parts. Besides, as one of the world’s most admired singers, you deserve to simply focus on connecting with your fans and pulling off a flawless performance rather than brawling with a bug.

Or a bat! Because who could forget the time a bat crashed Adele’s concert in Mexico and sent her into a panicked, arm-flailing frenzy?

We hate to say it, but given Adele’s ever-increasing popularity, we have a feeling this won’t be the last time an uninvited guest makes an appearance at one of her shows.