Briana Hansen
Updated Mar 20, 2017 @ 11:25 am

The immense adoration between pop superstars Adele and Beyoncé is almost palpable. And now, Adele channeled her inner Queen Bey onstage at a recent concert, taking her fangirl love to another level.

During the Grammy Awards this year, Adele made it public knowledge that she completely adored and respected her fellow performer, Beyoncé.

And the beautiful smile Beyoncé shared with the singer made it clear the feelings were mutual. Some people even think Blue Ivy has rocked an homage to Adele in recent Instagram posts on Beyoncé’s page.

And Adele yet again let Beyoncé inspire her when she hung out onstage by a fan. And by “fan,” we don’t mean a person who likes her music. We mean a literal metallic fan. The singer went over to it and playfully started dancing Beyoncé-style in front of it.

While the multiple Grammy Award winner always puts on an incredible concert, intense dance moves like these are much more Queen Bey’s signature style. Luckily for all of us, some of the fans (the people versions this time) were there to capture the magical moment in all its glory.

The “Hello” singer truly rocked that sexy move. And we’d be down for seeing even more Beyoncé-inspired dances at all her concerts.

Of course, in typical Adele fashion, she made a joke about it right after. She asked for a medic and said something was wrong with her head after she danced. Because only Adele could make us laugh with her goofy moves and great sense of humor before making us cry with her soulful songs about heartbreak.