Karen Belz
March 15, 2017 10:18 am

Aren’t babies pretty wonderful? During an appearance last night on The Tonight Show, Adam Levine chatted about parenting and wife Behati Prinsloo. Their daughter, Dusty Rose, is just about six months old at this point — and more adorable than ever.

In fact, Dusty Rose was one of the prime subjects that Levine talked about during his interview. Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, could definitely relate — after all, he’s got two girls at home that he brings up whenever he can.

One of the best topics Levine talked about? First words.

Levine is hoping it’s “dada.” Prinsloo, on the other hand, has her fingers crossed for “mama.” This may be the most adorable parenting battle of all time.

But even if Dusty Rose says something completely different, there’s a chance that Levine might someday have a kid who belts out “dada” first. Levine once stated that he was looking to have about 17 kids.

While the quote is from years ago, we have a feeling it’s still somewhat true. Levine always seemed stoked about fatherhood.

During the interview with Fallon, Levine said that “It’s so fun to do new stuff all the time,” and said that fatherhood was the “greatest thing in the world.”

Prinsloo and Levine will find out soon who managed to win the debate. Babies start fully understanding words around 8 or 9 months, and start reciting them back after about a year. From there, they become little chatterboxes.

We look forward to Dusty Rose’s talkative years. But before that even happens, we wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo try for siblings.