Karen Belz
Updated Sep 19, 2017 @ 4:35 pm

The actor known best as Jesse Pinkman is about to be a dad! Just today on Instagram, Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul announced his wife’s pregnancy. Even better, he chose to do it with a glowing photo and some of the sweetest words about his upcoming child. (Which should come as no surprise, as Paul is pretty quick to shower his wife, Lauren Parsekian, with compliments whenever he gets the chance.)

Paul has had a pretty incredible year so far. The fourth season of Bojack Horseman, in which Paul provides the voice of Todd, was released just a few days ago, and he’s still hard at work on his Hulu show The Path. We’re guessing that Parsekian is due in 2018, so Paul will probably spend a chunk of this year preparing for fatherhood.

His wife decided to share the news in a pretty funny way — with baby photos of the two, and a sonogram of the Paul-to-be.

Pretty fitting caption, as their baby appears to be waving to fans.

Here’s the funny part of it all: Back in June of this year, Paul was asked about starting a family, and he noted that he and his wife hadn’t thought too much about it.

Well, it happened. And we’re pretty psyched.

We wish this family all the best for a happy, healthy pregnancy.