Natalia Lusinski
September 23, 2017 10:07 am

If you’re like us, you’re big fans of the Backstreet Boys and of Aaron Carter’s. Now, we found out that Aaron Carter just checked into rehab, according to Vulture, and we’re sending him so many good thoughts. ICYMI, this past year has been challenging for him, from sticking up for himself against body shamers to getting arrested for a DUI and marijuana possession. And he’s finally getting some rest and help.

“Aaron has decided to enter a facility to improve his health and work on his overall wellness,” Carter’s publicist, Steve Honig, told The Hollywood Reporter. ”

We’re among those fans, and also can’t wait till he returns to the music scene. Carter posted this statement on Twitter. false

We couldn’t agree more that we’re the only ones who can change our lives, and we applaud Carter for doing so. It’s probably not easy at all.

Of course, fans have been supportive of Carter’s decision.

We second @AaronsAngelz and will be here, too! Though it wasn’t specified what Carter will be in rehab for, we’re sending him all our love and wish him well.